About our Collagen Products


We have two products in our collagen range, Radiant Glow and Collagen Companion.

Our Radiant Glow* is a carefully formulated herbal beauty tea fortified with our collagen peptide powder. It's a one stop shop for glowing skin.

Our Collagen Companion* contains pure collagen peptide powder. This powder is unbelievably versatile and has a wide range of benefits and uses. Once you try it, you'll wonder how you survived without it!

We have sourced the highest quality bovine collagen peptides from Germany for our products and this is why:

You may experience the following benefits from consuming bovine collagen peptides**:
∙ Reduced wrinkles and smooths fine lines
∙ Improved skin surface and cellulite
∙ Improved skin elasticity
∙ Improved hair and nail growth
∙ Enhanced muscle recovery
∙ Enhanced tissue building and repair

True beauty really does come from within!

Uses for Collagen Companion:
∙ Add to your Taylor Made teas
∙ Add to any beverage, hot or cold
∙ Can be used in baked goods
∙ Can be used in frozen delights
∙ A pure source of protein to help achieve your protein macronutrient goal

So versatile!

Our Collagen Companion is a super-fine powder with no taste or odour which means it will not affect the flavour or consistency of your food/beverages.

*Our Radiant Glow and Collagen Companion products contain collagen from a bovine source which is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians. All our other teas are vegan-friendly.

**References available. Benefits may arise as part of a balanced diet after approximately 6-8 weeks of consistent use at 2.5g of pure collagen peptides per day.