About Us


There are many teas out there, why should I choose Taylor Made Tea Co. teas and collagen?

Well... we're glad you asked! As true tea aficionados, we have spent years tasting teas - teas on the market and teas in the development of our luxury range of lifestyle and therapeutic teas. Testing, tasting, testing, tasting.

Good things take time and in our passionate mission to give you the best taste, with superior health benefits, we have patiently gained extensive knowledge on what will taste good and what will be effective in optimising your health. This is no mean feat. Some herbal medicines can be highly therapeutic, but challenging in taste. We've been able to incorporate herbs into our teas in a way that retains a therapeutic dose, yet still tastes divine. 

Taylor Made Tea Co.'s founder is a qualified herbalist with years of experience practising in her naturopathic nutrition clinic in Sydney's south. Along with her tasting team she has crafted and perfected the Taylor Made Tea Co.'s range with a great deal of patience, expertise, scientific research, collaboration, care and love. 

There are no compromises with our teas, neither in taste nor health.

Good health is a consistent journey. We're careful not to promote quick fixes or extreme measures when it comes to your body. Our teas are effective yet gentle and regular consumption, along with a balanced diet and mindful eating, will certainly improve your health. 

We're in this for you, for the long haul. Our clinic, Taylor Made Nutrition, has been operating since 2004, and Taylor Made Teas since 2015 where our founder, Karen Taylor, has helped her patients collectively lose hundreds of kilos, maintain their weight loss and improve and optimise their health.



How are we different?
Here is where our business differs from many other tea businesses, online and retail. We've done the comparisons for you and developed Taylor Made Tea Co. to stand out from the crowd so it's an easy decision to choose our products:

  1. Organic teas. Always. Organic tea plantations do not use chemical pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides or fungicides in the propagation of their crops. Non-organic tea growing methods may maximise production in the short-term, but make compromises in health and taste. 

  2. No laxatives. Don't get us started on this. Actually, we've started so here's the deal. Look out for teas with herbal laxatives in the ingredients. There is a place for herbal laxatives. We believe, though, that laxatives should be used only after we have deliberately examined our diets and executed more gentle options such as simple dietary interventions including soluble and insoluble fibres, prebiotics, probiotics and elimination of offending foods.

    Taking laxatives in herbal teas without considering an individual's health status is, at best, an extreme short-term measure and, at worst, can cause unwanted side effects and exacerbate an underlying condition.

    We believe any laxative intervention requires a keen understanding of the causes of constipation and/or other digestive issues for the individual which can be complex and often requires a consultation with a medical practitioner or naturopath and further consideration. Our non-laxative herbal teas are gentle enough to take every day, a few times a day whilst still being effective.

  3. No nasties. We will never add artificial flavours, colours, sugars or sweeteners of any kind to our teas. In fact, our Lilli Pilli Liquorice Tea is sweet enough as it is (liquorice as a herb is naturally sweet). We want you to "retrain your tastebuds" to enjoy the natural, unprocessed items we were born to consume and on which our bodies thrive. We want you to work WITH your body, not against it. This principle also relates to "real" food vs. processed or junk foods in our diet.

  4. Superior value. Beware! You may pay the same price for another product and receive a lot less tea in your pouch. Our signature tea pouches are packed with tea. We have priced our products as low as possible taking into account the quality of our ingredients. And we don't want you to have to re-order every other week so our standard pouches always include 30-50 cups of tea, measuring with a nice heaped teaspoon. We have done the price comparisons for you so you can rest assured you are receiving our quaity product at a reasonable price.

  5. Freshness.  Our teas are presented to you packed in heat-sealed, re-sealable foil-lined pouches, offering you optimal freshness and flavour.

  6. Local business. We formulate all our recipes in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney's south. We then source the highest quality teas from Australia and around the world and blend them here in Australia.

  7. We care. We are not a large conglomerate. We are a small business with big ideas, based in the south of Sydney. We care about every one of our customers and your health and tastebuds are our priority. Our wish is for you to enjoy a little downtime with our teas. To be in the moment, whilst drinking your Taylor Made tea, every day. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy our luxury loose-leaf teas and collagen beauty products.

About our Founder

Taylor-Made Teas started in 2015 as a passion project of our founder, Karen Taylor, in her nutrition and naturopathic clinic, Taylor-Made Nutrition, in Sydney's south. Karen is a nutritionist and naturopathic herbalist, specialising in weight loss, clinical detoxification and addressing health issues with nutrition interventions, lifestyle changes and herbal medicines.

Karen's first tea was a detox tea for her patients to enjoy during clinical detoxification and clean eating programmes she prescribed for them. This tea was an instant hit. Tasty and effective, it then inspired her to create a wider range of teas to offer her patients.

After a few years of providing these teas for her patients, she witnessed great results and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. As a result, she decided to expand the scope of her tea business so anyone across Australia could access these teas and enjoy them as much as her patients. By this time, she was also able to source the highest quality bovine collagen peptides and added them to her full product range, which is now called Taylor Made Tea Co.  

Karen grew up in the Sutherland shire and has great affection for the beauty of this area and its magnificent waterways. These waterways have inspired many teas in the range and are referenced in the tea names.

Karen's favourite teas, which she consumes most days, are Gunnamatta Green, Radiant Glow, Lilli Pilli Liquorice and Lullaby. Radiant Glow includes collagen but on days she skips the Glow, she adds Collagen Companion to the other teas she drinks to get her daily dose of collagen goodness.